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Peterbilt Unveils Electric Medium-Duty Truck at CES


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Seth Clevenger, Transport Topics  /  January 8, 2019

LAS VEGAS — Peterbilt Motors Co. has unveiled an all-electric medium-duty truck, adding a third model to its emerging electric-vehicle lineup.

The truck maker introduced the zero-emissions Model 220EV on Jan. 8 here at CES, the world’s largest technology trade show.

The battery-electric cabover, geared toward local pickup and delivery operations, has a 100-mile range and can recharge in an hour when plugged into a fast-charging system, the manufacturer said.

Peterbilt said it plans to begin delivering the Model 220EV in the summer and will place six of the trucks into service this year with an undisclosed customer.

The Model 220EV is equipped with two TransPower battery packs for a total storage capacity of 148 kilowatt hours and a Blue Horizon two-speed drive eAxle from Meritor Inc.

The medium-duty model joins two other electric trucks introduced by Peterbilt within the past two years: the Model 579EV, a Class 8 tractor for port drayage and regional applications, and the Model 520EV, an electric refuse truck.

Altogether, Peterbilt said it will have more than 30 electric vehicles on the road by the end of this year with customers in regional haul, refuse and urban delivery applications.

“Peterbilt has been at the forefront of truck electrification, and adding the medium-duty platform to our electric truck lineup was a natural evolution of our development plan,” Peterbilt General Manager Jason Skoog said in a statement. “We will now have trucks in the three applications where electric powertrains may have a return on investment for our customers.”

Peterbilt currently has Model 579EVs and 520EVs on the road in customer field trials. The truck maker also is conducting validation testing at the Paccar Technical Center in Mount Vernon, Wash.

Peterbilt said it will use the data collected through its customer trials and testing to help ensure that its electric vehicles meet the same standards as its diesel trucks.


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Peterbilt Delivers First Electric Cabover Truck to Frito-Lay

Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT)  /  October 16, 2019

Peterbilt Motors has delivered the first Peterbilt Model 220EV to PepsiCo's Frito-Lay division. Frito-Lay will use six of the battery-electric medium-duty trucks as part of its Modesto, Calif., Zero- and Near-Zero-Emission Friehgt Facility Project announced earlier this month.

“Peterbilt continues to lead the charge in electric commercial vehicle development. With Frito-Lay's Model 220EV, Peterbilt will have 15 battery-electric trucks in three applications — city delivery, regional haul, and refuse — in customers' hands running real routes and collecting real world validation data,” said Jason Skoog, Paccar vice president and Peterbilt general manager.

The zero-emission 220EV is powered by two battery packs with a total capacity of 148kWh and a Meritor Blue-Horizon two-speed drive eAxle. It features a range of more than 100 miles and a recharge time of one hour, making it ideal for local pick-up and delivery operations.

“Frito-Lay is continuously exploring current and emerging technologies for our freight equipment as we work toward reducing PepsiCo’s absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2030,” said Michael O’Connell, vice president of supply chain, PepsiCo. “PepsiCo and Frito-Lay have a longstanding relationship with Peterbilt, and are excited to partner in the advancement of electric vehicles within our fleet and to be the first customer to put the Model 220EV in service in our delivery operations.”

Peterbilt’s Model 220EV was introduced at CES in January 2019 and now joins the Models 579EV and 520EV in customer field trials. In addition to customer testing, Peterbilt is engaged in validation testing at the Paccar Technical Center (PTC) in Mount Vernon, Wash., where trucks are stringently tested in a variety of scenarios to ensure the highest levels of quality and performance.


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Peterbilt Model 220EV: The Order Banks Are Open

Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT)  /  August 28, 2020

Peterbilt announced today that the all-electric cabover Model 220EV is now available for customer orders.

The Model 220EV is Peterbilt’s first electric configuration for medium-duty applications in a Class 6 or 7 vehicle. Peterbilt claims a range of up to 200 miles on a full charge, making the 220EV ideal for local pickup and delivery, as well as short regional haul operations.

When using the vehicle’s DC fast-charging system, the twin battery packs can recharge in 1-2 hours.  

Peterbilt has more than 30 220EV units already on the road, including with Frito-Lay, who is using six as part of its Modesto, Calif., Zero- and Near-Zero-Emission Freight Facility Project.

The Model 220EV can be configured through the SmartSpec sales tool and ordered at one of Peterbilt’s dealer locations with customer deliveries expected to start by the end of 2020.


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So with a lazy pusher type axle and mounting the charging pack in front of the rear wheels the chassis could be lopped and then it could be used for semi trailer work 

Or at least my simple brain works that way 

With 460 hp it should have bucket loads giddy up and go in it



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