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Another Entry For The "wrecked Files!"


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Here is a heck of a crash!  2004 Granite vs. telephone pole!  The pole won...but the driver did walk away with only minor injuries...

Wow Barry ,Did you get this one back at your shop? It's amazing the driver walked away. Form the picture it looks like the pole missed the nose and just got the cab. Tim ;)

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From what I can gather, the truck sheared off the pole and rolled over...then the pole came down on the passenger side of the cab. The truck is at New Stanton Mack right now, but we may be getting it back here soon.

Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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Might take a new cab Barry! By just looking at the pictures, I would say that the truck was already on it's side or most of the way to being on it's side when it impacted the pole and snapped it off. Looks like the steer axle is moved back on the right side as well, probably got caught on a culvert or something on it's way to the pole. I seen the remains of a Ford Aeromax that was behind an oversize load that was too tall for an overpass, knocked off a piece that then came back and cut the cab open at the base of the "a" pillars and just destroyed the cab, the driver was still seatbelted in, and in his seat, but was sitting left of an invisible line from the outside of the left steer tire, to the outside of the left drive tires. Ron had a very severe arm injury, but other than that some bumps and bruises and no memory of the accident except for the ISP and newspaper pictures, was fine. Oh and not a scratch on the hood, but it did take a cab and sleeper.


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