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Kenworth introduces twin-steer T880S vocational model


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Trailer-Body Builders  /  October 25, 2018

Kenworth is adding a factory installed twin-steer configuration to its T880S vocational model, the company said. The Kenworth T880S Twin Steer features a set-forward front axle with a 61-inch axle spread to maximize payload.

The Kenworth T880S Twin Steer offers a short 114-inch BBC. This allows larger bodies to be installed farther forward and closer to the cab.

“Kenworth continues to expand the excellent diversity of the T880 platform,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director. “The T880S Twin Steer is the next step in that evolution.”

The 61-inch axle spread enables customers in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia to get a factory built T880S Twin Steer that meets Western Canadian tandem axle requirements, specifically for ready-mix application. It also means the Kenworth T880S chassis can be upfitted faster, saving three to six weeks in delivery times to the body builder versus other options, Kenworth said.

For customers in the United States, the T880S Twin Steer addresses applications, such as ready mix, block trucks, cranes and concrete pumpers. Depending on the detailed specs, as well as federal and state bridge laws, the T880S Twin Steer can handle 1,500 pounds or more of additional payload compared to a non-set-back axle twin steer.

“We strive to enhance productivity for our customers whenever we can,” Swihart said. “Kenworth has a long history of building factory twin steers, including the 72-inch axle spread available on our set-back axle T800 and C500 models.”

The T880S Twin Steer’s front axles are rated at 40,000 pounds. The front-end components, including axles, springs and steering gears are shared with non-twin steer T880S. The front suspension is “equalized” between the front and rear steer axles for greater driver comfort and payload distribution between the two, the company said.

The T880S offers the PACCAR MX-11 and PACCAR MX-13 engines up to 510-hp with torque up to 1,850 lb-ft. An Allison automatic transmission is available when ordered with PACCAR wide or standard track front axles.


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