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coolant heater


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38 minutes ago, mack88 said:

I would like to install diesel coolant heater does it need to be 24 or 12 volt heater on 1987 mack .Thanks


Well all the coolant heaters I have ever used are 110 volt and plug into house or shop current. The heater is an element like used in electric water heater. If you ever noticed the chrome plug on a truck that looks like a trailer connect plug, by the grill or drivers door, it is where the extension cord plugs the heater power into. Go to "engine block heater" on Ebay and look at them and buy on.👍

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Long as they don’t bring you down too deep on your battery your golden. Our Webasto on the off-sight dozer takes about 20-25 minutes run time to bring it up. It might take less time, but the guy who installed it put it in upside down so you can’t bleed the air out properly. For the record....Not my department.  .(-:. Make sure you ID the coolant bleed high-point on the exchanger core during install. 

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