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Jake won't shut off


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I'm running a 1995 CL700 with an E7-400. Yesterday it developed a serious engine miss with  major power loss. After changing fuel filters and inspecting what I could, I took it to a local shop.

The mechanic discovered that the jake was staying on and disconnected it at the head. Truck works fine, but no jake of course. He said it was likely a shorted dash control switch, but I wondered why the miss would continue below 800 RPM where it always has automatically shut off if that were the problem. I re-connected the wires at the head and disconnected the switch, but the miss  was back. Then with the engine running (and missing) I disconnected the wires at the head. Removing the back wire made no difference, but when removed the front one the engine idled and revved normally. There was a noticeable arc when removing the front wire, but none when removing the back wire. Additionally leaving the back wire on, the front one off, and re-connecting the switch didn't activate the jake in any switch position. The engine harness looks very good and not oil soaked or chafed and the connectors are tight.

Any suggestions?




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