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  1. 1995 Mach CL 713 straight truck with an end dump has had a tendency to steer slightly to the left. Nothing alarming, just annoying. Steering and chassis was inspected and aligned and made no change. Recently I discovered a new symptom when hauling to a dump site that was mostly smooth ice on a wet day. While stationary and raising the dump, I took my hands off the wheel for a few seconds. The steering wheel started rotating slowly to the left. When I touched the wheel it stopped seemingly with no resistance, but when I released the wheel it started turning left again. Having discovered this, I tried it several more times with the same result. With virtually no friction between the tires and surface due to the wet ice, it was probably easier for the steering to turn. it never occurred to me before that the powder steering would motor to one side. I have seen this symptom in old front end loaders with power steering controlled by a spool valve in the drag link, but not in a power steering box. Is it possible that this is causing my left tendency? Is there any way to remedy this through adjustment or is a new box required? Thanks Ed
  2. As a follow up to the PTO suggestion, it has been changed to a left front mounting with a 120% ratio PTO. Opted for new pump and PTO. Dump operation is faster and much more convenient. As an added bonus, the transmission shifts better without the extra mass of the PTO gears on the back end. Thank you again for the help. Ed
  3. Thank you for the info. Off season is starting soon. A good time to make changes. Ed
  4. Just using the truck as a tandem end dump with 15 ft. box. The present pump is getting tired and I would like to use a close coupled replacement to eliminate the PTO shaft. Are there various ratios available? Would the PTO adaptor be specific to this transmission? Thanks Ed
  5. Is there a way to use a single speed PTO on a 1995 CL700 with the Mack 18 speed transmission? The present multi-speed PTO is mounted well back on the trans. and requires putting the trans. in gear and then neutralizing the drive with a dash air control. There are 2 more covers near the front of the trans. Could a PTO be mounted there so it could operate with the shifter in neutral? Thanks Ed
  6. I had a similar problem a few years ago with a 1995 E7-400. It became very unreliable. I was told by a mechanic that the engine harness sometimes became damaged where it is located along the right frame out to the engine/fuel system. In the off season, I removed the harness and under the mess from leaking oil and pinch points, I found several broken and bared wires. I think a new harness was about $1700, so did some very thorough repairs and it's still working good after 3 years. Also had another shutdown problem with the same truck at another time (can't remember if it was before or after) and found a defective oil pressure sensor, thanks to this forum. Ed
  7. Yes! That worked fine. Thank you so much Ed
  8. I'm running a 1995 CL700 with an E7-400. Yesterday it developed a serious engine miss with major power loss. After changing fuel filters and inspecting what I could, I took it to a local shop. The mechanic discovered that the jake was staying on and disconnected it at the head. Truck works fine, but no jake of course. He said it was likely a shorted dash control switch, but I wondered why the miss would continue below 800 RPM where it always has automatically shut off if that were the problem. I re-connected the wires at the head and disconnected the switch, but the miss was back. Then with the engine running (and missing) I disconnected the wires at the head. Removing the back wire made no difference, but when removed the front one the engine idled and revved normally. There was a noticeable arc when removing the front wire, but none when removing the back wire. Additionally leaving the back wire on, the front one off, and re-connecting the switch didn't activate the jake in any switch position. The engine harness looks very good and not oil soaked or chafed and the connectors are tight. Any suggestions? Thanks Ed
  9. The oil pressure sensor seems to be the answer, at least for now. After my last post, I inspected connections and checked the location of likely sensors. When I unplugged the sensor on the oil filter housing I got an electronic malfunction light, but the shutdown didn't happen. Borrowed the sensor from another engine and it has been OK since. Hope it continues. This has been an intermittent problem since before I started running this truck, so it will take time to be totally confident in this cure. Thanks to everyone who jumped in. Ed
  10. Hi Wheeler73 Where should I be looking to see the code? I tried selecting both the resume/accel and set/ decal buttons with the speed control switch set to off. Should I be trying with the engine running, the switch on, or the switch off? There is an shutdown override switch, but it has never had any noticeable effect on anything. Thanks Ed (huggabean)
  11. I'm getting an emergency shutdown warning light and subsequent engine shutdown. This problem has been intermittent, but now it is continuous and I can't get anywhere. Within seconds of startup the emergency shutdown light comes on and shortly after, the engine stops. It will restart immediately, but the same thing happens again. What should I be looking for? As mentioned in the heading, this is a 1995 Mack CL 700. Thanks Ed
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