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Dana Showcases Global Electrification Portfolio at IAA 2018


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Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT)  /  September 20, 2018

At the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany, Dana revealed its comprehensive Spicer Electrified with TM4 portfolio that includes fully integrated electro-mechanical propulsion systems such as gearboxes, electric motors, inverters, and thermal-management technologies.

The portfolio ranges from complete systems and modular solutions to individual sub-system components, allowing Dana to support its customers in developing series and parallel hybrid configurations up to full battery electric vehicles.

With the acquisition of TM4, Dana’s electrification capabilities now include in- house design and manufacturing for electric motors, power inverters, and control systems. Combined with Dana’s existing core expertise in driveline, sealing, and thermal management, the company employs a systems-focused approach to e- Propulsion, guiding electric and hybrid vehicle development for enhanced performance, packaging optimization, and reduced system weight.

“Dana is uniquely equipped to provide full e-Propulsion systems across all gross vehicle weight categories, platforms, and architectures,” said Jim Kamsickas, Dana president and chief executive officer. “From fully integrated e-Propulsion systems that include electric motors, inverters, gearboxes, and thermal management, to individual subsystem components designed to meet the individual requirements of a customer’s vehicle, our Spicer Electrified with TM4 solutions are revolutionizing power conveyance and positioning Dana as a leader in the evolution of mobility.”

Spicer 175 series drive axle

The company also launched the Spicer 175 series drive axle, offering a 1.95:1 gear ratio, optimized for engine downspeeding.

The axle is designed for European heavy-duty trucks but it is suited for global applications, including North American linehaul trucks, according to Dana.

Offering a broad range of gear ratios, from 1.95:1 to 3.42:1, the Spicer 175 series features Spicer High-Power Density AdvanTEK technology to support engines up to 600 hp and 2,750 Nm of torque.  The new axle also includes high-strength pinion bearings, which allow for greater lifespan under heavy loads.  An autonomous lube management system requires less lube while utilizing a patent-pending meter to optimize the amount of lube flow to the high-efficiency bearings.

 The new heavy-duty single drive axle series can also be paired with the Spicer SPL 250 and 350 driveshafts, which are designed to meet the durability requirements for faster axle ratios and lower engine speeds.  Also available for use with the Spicer 175 series single axle are the Spicer Compact Series Plus 2060 and 2065 driveshafts, featuring a weight reduction of up to 10% and the potential to increase the life of the driveshaft by as much as 25%.



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The big event was in 1998, when Dana purchased Eaton's heavy axle and brake unit.


As part of the transaction, Dana and Eaton entered into a marketing agreement whereby Eaton will market a complete heavy-duty Class 8 Eaton-Spicer drivetrain consisting of Spicer steer and drive axles; Spicer brakes, Spicer driveshafts, Eaton Spicer clutches, and Eaton Fuller transmissions.

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