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2000 rd688s e7 allison auto mpg

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Ok guys I think I should be getting better mileage then I am ..run down 

E7 300hp

6speed auto

Quad axle dump truck 

Tagged at 71000

Run 68000 most times filled up 90gal had to refill after 450 miles 5mpg 90 gals..

My other truck rd690 e7 400hp 8ll

Gets 6miles to gal.and empty its 3000 lbs more the the 688s..am I asking for to much with the little hp..new air filter going to change fuel this weekend ..going to get valves sets check fuel pressure anything you guys can help with ..thanks..

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Yes I understand that that's why I said I may be  asking a bite much out of it but on a different note I also have a freightliner with a 280 Cummins 9speed 68000 gets 6.5 no problem at all.... but I believe I got more when I first got the mack just can't remember I usually keep up with this stuff to check back on ..I've talked with mack about a little bump in power they say if mack approves of it I think it was like 179.00 to hook it up..but for the most part I'm loving the truck looking at 1 more 2000 now..

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