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Scr replacement on 2018 granite

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P20EE is a NOX code which could be caused many different things. We have not seen this code here with our  17/18 common rail engines but have seen it on older trucks. Anything from EGR, turbo, injector to the DPF or SCR "hot box" could be the cause. There is a bulletin on it but mostly goes over making sure you do the tests correctly and not skipping steps  and what info gets reported to Tech Support for review.

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We have replaces a few SCR assemblies on that code as well. E case made the calls on those. Also had one that was an output nox sensor that would be about 75 ppm drift from the other sensor on cool down. Should be 40ppm or less

Only seeing this issue on the 2018s so far.

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Just got our 5th P20EE in the last 2 weeks. All 2018 trucks with the stand up SCR unit mounted behind the cab.

$7K to replace the SCR unit up here. The E case was 1 small paragraph description of the results of the testing.

The E case response was 1 sentence...replace the SCR cat. 

Must be a bad batch. 

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