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Oil leaks exhaust manifold and turbo


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Thinking about purchasing this 2002 ch614 with the 355/380. Noticed the oil leaks out the exhaust manifold first and then seen wetness around the turbo. I then took the hold off the compression side to the cac and found oil there also. I continued to the other side and found some motor oil out the cac but not as much. What am I dealing with here? Leaking out the heads through the turbo? Or is it just a bad turbo. One of the instructors did complain about the truck having no power. I did put it on the computer and #6 injector came up.


any help and insight  Will be greatly appreciated!

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#6 does come up on the codes so I’m going to swap out a eup and see what happens. When I crack the lines you could barely hear a difference but there is a difference. I also think my ecm is acting up because every now and then all the codes for injector pops up as memory. Sometime I could do injector cut out test sometimes not.

As far as the turbo I do have a used turbo off another e tech truck I can swap out with to see if the turbo is bad and leaking out to the cac 

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