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Designer & builder of Aussie big rig wooden models

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Hi, Not into old iron like most folks here,- but am actually a woodworker & designer, -found this site on the net, looked interesting so joined !!

Slowly drawing up a range of big rig woodworking plans set to, 1:20 scale, & a larger, 1:15 scale,- with the 1:15 scale plans including basic detail & info for adding working LED lights, available for sale to any hobby woodworker worldwide.

Amongst my 1:20 scale plans, there is a realistic classic Mack Superliner, while in the larger range there is a Mack R600 Coolpower, which shortly will be joined with the woodwork plans for the 1988 Bicentennial Superliner.

All my plans are drawn full size, with heaps of artwork, detailed instructions, and come with colour pics of the completed wooden model too,- plus some thin ply,( 1.6mm or, 1/16" ) for the back of the grille, & wheel arches etc.

For anyone interested, the 1:20 scale plans are priced @ $30. plus $15. Aust-wide delivery, & the larger 1:15 scale plans are priced @ $45. plus $15. Aust-wide delivery.

*** Yes, I also build the wooden models too for people to order from me.

Improved Series 2 Mack Superliner Model, & Plan 022.JPG

Improved Series 2 Mack Superliner Model, & Plan 024.JPG

Improved Series 2 Mack Superliner Model, & Plan 026.JPG

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Very cool! Big Rig! I've seen a few professionally built truck models, but never a kit! There was a guy near New Stanton Pa who built awesome truck models,saw a write-up in a woodworking magazine about 10 years ago,Green dash have you ever heard of this guy? You're close!

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