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Turn signal

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on a 2 light system brake and turn use the same filament in the bulb. so the turn signal switch separates left from right by sliding a plate across deferent contacts inside the switch. that said your problem could be inside the sw. or someone could have things wired for a 4 light system and didn't do it right !!

2 light  = tail low filament turn/brake high filament ........one light per side of vehicle = 2 total


4 light  =  one light is tail ( it gets confusing here) and circuit of choice brake or turn

4 light = second can be or not, a redundant tail, then either brake or turn ( which ever one isn't used in light one

the tractor is typically wired 2 light.    the 7 wire trailer plug is normally  set up for a 4 lamp system.

now you need to see where it goes amuck ! could be in the turn signal sw. or it could be caused by someone doing improper wiring between the two systems. will need more info on what truck this is on, maybe I can help

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