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  1. Mp8

    So is that before all emissions??? Still the e7 block???
  2. CHN613

    Yea it wouldn't go again the steering stop acted like it was on the wrong spline on the gear box.
  3. Mp8

    Thinking of buy 09 chn613 with mp8. How much trouble is this engine going to be using it on the farm. 25 mi to terminal. Moving heavy machinery in a 20 mi radius??????
  4. CHN613

    Went and looked at a 2000 set forward axel 613. Question is do these trucks not turn short at all??? I have a set back 613 I know it probably won't turn that short. But turning to the right in the country pulling a hopper would be nearly impossible. Seemed a little better to the left it ????
  5. E-7 timing selinoid

    Dumb question what is fix module???
  6. E-7 timing selinoid

    I changed the whole advance assembly It is a 1996 I'll check the fuse but this seems to be a intermittent probablem. Thanks for the help
  7. E-7 timing selinoid

    I was told there is a screen somewhere in the oil supply going to the timing selinoid anyone able to point in the direction of it. We're still having intermittent smoke and rough running Mack scanned it and says timing selinoid is what it says. The blink code is still 6-3. We did replace the timing selinoid and it's no different. Someone told us the 6-3 is actually engine brake output witch makes no sense to me. Any help be appreciated
  8. 1996 ecm

    Thank you, don't understand why we aren't scanning it and starting from there.
  9. 1996 ecm

    Doesn't a 96 model have a ecm that will hold codes that have appeared in the last so many miles or hours that can be scanned while there isn't a current code showing in the dash? Took the truck to dealer naturally it won't act up for them while warming up.
  10. Blink code

    I get this 3-6 code and it runs rough and smokes while it is on. I can usually get it to clean up and will run the rest of the day. While it is running right I can make it duplicate the symptoms by unplugging the selinoid in front of the injection pump ( timing selinoid???) but the light will not come on????
  11. Blink code

    Anyone know what the code 3-6 means on a 1996 ch 613 e-7 engine.
  12. Blink codes

    1996 e-7 with blink code 3-6. Smoking and missing seems always first thing in morning can normally get it to clean up and light off then will run rest of the day??????? Any help would be appreciated
  13. 1958 B - 61 LT

    Does the LT on this mean it is a single axel????
  14. E7 oil pressure

    1996 400hp in a ch613
  15. E7 oil pressure

    What should oil pressure be on a E7 at say 1600 RPM? Ours is running at about 40 thought maybe it is a little lower then I remember it being, checked the oil might be tad over full wandering if were getting fuel in the crankcase?