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  1. Ok I agree but why won’t it cancel I suppose it runs through the v-mac system some how. Brake lights work. Can’t find any other switch’s That operate with the pedal.
  2. What cancels the cruise when you push the brake pedal. 2000 ch 613.
  3. Yes little strange but one of mechanics at the dealer figured it had duals new an one was removed but doesn’t look it to me.
  4. Sold the ch that we bought when our daughter was born. Many memories in it and my boy was practically in tears but needed to upgrade an had no need for 2. Hope the newer one is as good to us and many more miles and memories to
  5. What’s the easiest way to check for leak on a e-7 seems there is a squeal that I can change with the pedal. Need to put boost guage on it. It’s the 355/380 several said it would stay with my 96 model with a 400 but not even close. Just wander if I’m loosing boost pressure????
  6. The yoke on the front of the differential is the bolt in center right handed threads??? Changing the seal that is tight or I’m making it tighter!!!
  7. Ok but this started last fall soon as one morning was down to 40 or so. Now it’s been a warm shop for a week an it’s still on when you start it
  8. Getting a flash code for intake air temp and fuel temp first thing in the morning when the motor warms up to operating temp all is well. How do I check those sensors???
  9. Getting blink codes for intake air temp an fuel temp when the truck is cold. Goes out when warm an won't see it again till morning???????
  10. I think it is in the switch you can make it do all kinds of wired stuff by playing with the switch
  11. Turn on signal an u get brake lights Any ideas
  12. Anyone want to point me to every ground on this thing. I just bought it had a 96 before an right now wish I had never seen this one ran a load today I still think I'm getting inaccurate reading on the temp gauge an fuel gauge. Cleaned the plug behind the dash on the left side. Seems to have stopped a lot of it. It's got the 355-380 engine in it the old 400 would run circles around it I believe. I stopped at mack he hooked the laptop to it an read the ecm temp sensor an at the time the one in the dash was not even close. If I understand him right he set it to shut down if it gets a hot reading on that one???? By the way the guys at vo mac in new haven Indiana were very helpful.
  13. Getting in accurate reading on the temp gauge , some times it will move as the turn signals flash. I cleaned the ground behind the dash. Any ideas???
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