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Fuel leveling problem

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Help.   I have a 1996 ch613 Mack.  I had a problem with the fuel.   I believe it was contaminated.   I drained tanks, filters, cleaned tanks, dried tanks, and then put new fuel in.   The truck ran Great.  Yesterday,  I started the truck and she stalled.  The drivers tank was dry!   Seems like the return line may be plugged???.    Since it is only a yard truck, how do I block off that tank so I just use the passenger tank?   Any suggestions please and thank you

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Dual draw dual return are a pain.

Replace or disable the 3 way fuel union. Draw and return fuel from only one tank. Run a 3/8" or bigger low level crossover line (equalizing) between the two tanks, typically supported by a steel member bolted between tanks. Install emergency shut-offs at both low level fittings in case road debris rips it off.

Good luck! 

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