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  1. Help. I have a 1996 ch613 Mack. I had a problem with the fuel. I believe it was contaminated. I drained tanks, filters, cleaned tanks, dried tanks, and then put new fuel in. The truck ran Great. Yesterday, I started the truck and she stalled. The drivers tank was dry! Seems like the return line may be plugged???. Since it is only a yard truck, how do I block off that tank so I just use the passenger tank? Any suggestions please and thank you
  2. When the button is pressed. Uyou hear a clicking noise......Where is the relay?
  3. 2003 ch 613 Mack window washer not working. The fuse is good. When the button is pressed. You hear a clicking sound. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a part for a 1996 Mac CH 613. It is the aluminum plate underneath the Excelerator pedal. I have a part number but cannot seem to locate one. Does anyone know of any hidden dealers or parts suppliers that may have something like this in stock. The part number for the item is 6QB42m. Thank you in advance. Dave
  5. HELP...I have a 2003 CH613. When I brake, it pulls hard to the left. Help. I have replaced both front shoes, cams, bushings, slacks, Alignment is good...tires are good... we are at wits end....any help would be great. Thx in advance. Could it be the foot valve?
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