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Clutch Brake Adjustment

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9 hours ago, Ezrider said:



the clutch brake adjustment itself is in the linkage but set the clutch first then adjust the linkage, check and make sure your clutch brake is not damaged and replace it if necessary. 

Rider  you say in your vid that you think the grease is causing the issue with the brake ! Grease on the brake in my opinion will not cause it to fail or hurt anything  in my mind other than add a bit more weight  to the brake its self ! In my mind the weight of the babcock brake is what kills it ! In my opinion  if you have an engine that tends to vibrate or the reaction springs in the clutch are weak, everything shakes and tends to break the tabs off  Its like little fly wheel on the clutch shaft rattling back and forth when the shaft is turning!

I have not used a babcock brake in years because I saw what you have there to many times! We switched to the eaton two pc ! Its lighter and doesn't rattle around  as bad ! This being said!!  The adjustment on the brake is fussy You need it adjusted  Right on the floor hardly any squeeze  or it can be broken as well and Yup I grease em when I install them For One Reason! Believe it or not ! there Are Drivers out there That Don't have a Clue What The Clutch brake is for! So I apply grease gives the brake a fighting chance at life even if the driver is clueless!.Un like yourself your operating your own stuff  Fleet guys don't often give a rats ass ! not interested in why shit fails ! just slam the door and go home at the end of the trip! Us shop guys will fix it  keeps us employed ! All this being said Most all manufacturers  are fixing this !

They are avoiding the situation By PUSHING  automation  ! Fix stupid by creating more stupid ! Pretty soon there will be no more clutch brakes to worry about!  the tranys and clutches are not cheaply  repairable these days! If you need replace  a clutch on A New Ishift/ Mdrive  They are nudging  $10,000 bucks across the counter pricing here in Canada! Everything inside the clutch housing needs to be replaced to avoid future issues! 

You are pretty much stuck with the DEALERS!

Manul will soon be dead

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with extreme cold -40 and a clutch brake covered in grease was what was making me think the grease might have had something to do with it. its possible you might be onto something but the issue hasn't repeated itself yet. 

for a truck with a hired driver id defiantly be setting the clutch brake so you had to shove it into the floor. i know how to drive a truck so i like it to be up a little. i went to the babcock clutches cause i was having issues with the hinged 2pc ones that you set by pressing the clutch coming un hinged. id loose my clutch brake pull the cover and it would be sitting ontop of the cover undamaged but unhinged. you could put it back on but it was annoying. 

ill be sticking with manuals until im no longer driving...many years ago i drove a eaton 18 speed auto for a day by the end of the day i couldn't wait to get out of that truck. 

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I think I found my answer on another thread

The "shim" is installed to bring this clearance back to somewhat normal for the clutch brake to travel or compress. A flywheel surfaced that many time is probably best replaced.

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