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Volvo introduces 2017-2018 FH/FH16 Ocean Race Limited Editions


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Fleet Magazine UK  /  March 16, 2017

The Volvo FH and Volvo FH16 are now available in an exclusive new version inspired by the Volvo Ocean Race, which gets under way this autumn. The Volvo Ocean Race Limited Edition 2017–2018 combines an exceptionally high equipment and comfort level with a unique design and will only be sold in very limited numbers. Customers who wish to enhance safety and performance still further can choose between various optional packages.

“Adventure, competitive instinct and progressiveness … the Volvo Ocean Race Limited Edition 2017-2018 is characterised by all the values that embody the race itself. We’ve created a truck with an expression all of its own, for drivers who are proud of their profession and their vehicles and who want the best of the very best,” says Helene Fredäng, Surface Material Expert at Volvo Trucks.

Volvo’s designers based the truck’s design language on the Volvo Ocean Race route, expressed through maritime maps and patterns. The start and finish ports – Alicante and The Hague – have provided the inspiration for the colour schemes both inside and out.

Powerful Exterior

On the outside the truck’s connection to the Volvo Ocean Race is emphasised through the use of an expressive décor in which a red zig-zag pattern contrasts with eye-catching highlights in chrome and black. The Volvo Ocean Race name is clearly displayed both in the Globetrotter sign and on an emblem on the cab sides. As a complement to the other cab colours in the Volvo range, two exclusive metallic liveries are offered – a warm sand-coloured Shimmering Gold and an ice-blue Cool Breeze Metallic.

Warm Interior

The cohesive colour and design cues are echoed in the cosy driver environment, which combines premium comfort with high-quality materials and immense attention to detail. The entry step, grab-handles, door panels, carpets, steering wheel, storage compartments and textiles have all been designed to link to the sea and sailing. For instance, the ventilated driver’s seat is upholstered in sand-coloured natural leather with blue accents and discreet red zig-zag stitching. The seat backrest features a map showing the start and finish ports for this year’s Volvo Ocean Race. The same stylised map pattern is repeated on the close-weave drapes, and the curtain straps echo the zig-zag stitched seam.

The Volvo Ocean Race Limited Edition 2017-2018 is available with a choice of two optional packages. The Performance package allows Volvo FH customers the opportunity to specify a more powerful 13-litre engine producing 500 hp or 540 hp, Volvo I-Shift with Dual Clutch and retarder. The Safety package, which is available for both the Volvo FH and the Volvo FH16, includes features such as burglar alarm, lockable safety  box, Lane Change Support, Driver Alert Support and Adaptive Cruise Control.

The Volvo Ocean Race Limited Edition 2017-2018 is a premium offer through and through, not least as regards safety. With our comprehensive safety package we make it attractive and simple to maximise security and road safety for drivers, cargo and other road users,” says Carl Johan Almqvist, Traffic & Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks.

The Volvo Ocean Race Limited Edition 2017-2018 will be built in small numbers for a limited period. Sales will begin in mid-March (week 11).

The Volvo Ocean Race Limited Edition 2017-2018 is available for the:

  • Volvo FH with Globetrotter or Globetrotter XL cab and is offered with a wide range of engine power outputs.
  • Volvo FH16 with Globetrotter or Globetrotter XL cab and a wide range of engine power outputs.


  • Safety package: Driver’s airbag, Lane Change Support, Driver Alert Support, Adaptive Cruise Control with automatic braking, burglar alarm, safety box, laminated side windows, remote-controlled main power switch, red safety belts.
  • Performance package (Volvo FH only): Volvo D13 engine producing 500 hp or 540hp, Volvo I-Shift with Dual Clutch and retarder.

More information about the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018 sailing competition is available from volvooceanrace.com

Brochure - http://www.volvotrucks.com/trucks/norway-market/no-no/Documents/Trucks/VTC_VOR_A4_Folder_6pp_web.pdf



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