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It is a "pisser" OD, I was driving a single axle F750 gas burner and a single axle bankhead trl 5 big cars and pickups and a pinto on the headramp ! Blew a brake diaphragm on the trailer, no maxis! Skipped three whole gears on a 5 and a deuce let out the clutch and the tach went around twice! 10000 rpm on a 391, redlined at 5! Wasn't slowing enough so I "put it up on the hillside"  all the wheels on the right side left the ground, and my wallet on the dash went out the drivers window and ended up on the pavement! It went back down in slow motion and a pine tree branch came in the passenger window and was against my cheek! Didn't put a scratch on a car or on the rig! A B model wrecker came up from Cumberland and towed me to a garage in Cumberland ! They replaced the diaphragm and I took a motel. The next day I did my drop in Cumberland and went 20 or so miles and " swallowed a valve! No surprise! They brought me another tractor and towed the 750 back to Pittsburgh. So a couple of years later Nu Car Carriers bought AT I  and we all got brand new Louisville tractors and 10 car Ronald McDonald Cotrell trailers. Five axle rigs with maxis, 290 Cummins 10sp r.r. I get a load going to Cumberland, only three pintos left on the trl for Cumberland, no problem right? Wrong! I've got 8500 lbs on the trl, and by the time I get down by rte 36 my brakes are smoking! It's been a long time but I don't think I ever got to the high side! On the plus side I can't think of a prettier place to die! I found out  later that several drivers have died on that road!

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