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Chassi VIN Unable to locate.



I've been reading as much info as possible from all of you but I'm still today unable to locate the chassi VIN for my 1985 Superliner.

 Went and look everywhere, driver side, passenger side, under the cab, above front axle... to no avail.

 Any other locations? Should I start looking inside the C channel?!

The reason for the need to have the VIN is to figure out if the front axle is properly identified for the weight/load capacity.

 Thank you for your help

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Don't try to wirebrish and scratch you chassis all over.

If you haven't found the numbers on the right frame rail (outside) above the front axle you will find nothing else.

Just a case the new rails installed in the past you got. The same with me. One of my R688's has neither of stamped on the frame and almost nothing else excepting the tag on the cab. So if you're hoping to track down the truck's specifications the tag you have might not be a real hard source. Just because nobody is 100% sure that's from the factory. This way you should rely on just the physical objectives of your rig. Measuring the frame rail thickness and heigth you can determine its rating. The front axle could be identified by the marks on it as said above. The same with the rears with additional factors that you can determine their ratings (and the ratio's) by observing their look. The site is helpful with all that. Just don't feel wrong asking and supply requests with pics for easier recognizing.

It's not a new truck so not much of real help from dealership folks. But on the other hand you didn't spend $100,000 purchasing it and aren't going to mess much with modern electronic "highly efficient nightmare".

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