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  1. Hello all, I'm looking at buying a parts truck for the 1985 Superliner E9400R I found one today, a 1980 Superliner E9400, serial number RSW736LST53526 How interchangable some of those parts can be, and how can I find that out? The 85 Superliner serial number is 1M2V120C4FM001528 model RWS721LS. Thank you!
  2. I need the schematics/diagrams for the throttle assembly from firewall forward. Or even pictures, anything that would give me a clue if what I have is the right stuff. Thanks!
  3. Anyone with a picture of the throttle assembly from bottom of firewall to the top of the engine? Im looking at a drawing or even pictures, so I can figure out if what I have was a plan B (the cable that broke) I'm doubting now if the linkage system between the two was like that from factory. Thank you.
  4. Superdog, do you mean the throttle cable connected to the pedal assembly?
  5. Thank you 41chevy, But the throttle cable I need is the one that goes from the engine to the pedal. The hand throttle is fine.
  6. Happy new year to all! Throttle cable broke today on the Superliner. Not getting any luck here in Canada to locate a replacement part. Any tips down south? 48" long, with clevis/yoke on both hand. Can provide picture if needed. Thank you, any help is great.
  7. I will expose the chassi VIN tomorrow and hopefully it will be clearer what's going on. Great info from you guys, hope I didn't open a can of worms. Better to know what I'm up against and try to rectify before damage is done. i will as well look for the 1QH. Thank you!
  8. Here are some pictures; #1: The door... #2: Front axle, I'm standing on the passenger side, facing the forward part of the axle, shooting the picture slightly upwards so you can see the leaf spring VIN is what I wrote. FAW 537C1 is stamped on front axle.
  9. The model is RWS721LS and the VIN is 1M2V120C4FM001528 on the title. Which is the only reference available at the moment, attached to the driver side door frame. it used to be a tractor. i will look at the 1QHA and FAW model number as you mentioned first thing tomorrow morning. Post those pictures as well. Hopefully a chassi VIN will show up as well. I'm wondering if the swap was done, when and if the entire cab and door, or just the door was replaced (if it did). There is 11 leaf springs stacked on the front axle, each side. Can it be still rated for only 12.5?
  10. The same as what is on the driver side door frame, what I wrote in my second last post That is the only VIN we have... Until maybe tomorrow once the wire wheel start spinning. Dickbuick, when you worked for the Mack dealer, and replaced those faulty rails, where the new one stamped the same VIN as the faulty one?
  11. It is a 6✖️4. I will post some pictures tomorrow morning. Not only the truck, the front axle as well. This is becoming a mission now. Thanks for the support, kscarbel2, dickbuick and Vlad.
  12. Thank you again. Im not so sure if the cab VIN is matching the frame VIN, as I'm trying to determine the front axle weight eating. The cab model is RWS721LS. Cab VIN is 1M2V120C4FM001528, which could have been put on that chassi some time ago, or even better, the door was replaced at some point. I will keep on looking, scratching, removing on that right side frame and hopefully find it! Thank you all for the help and advices.
  13. I've been reading as much info as possible from all of you but I'm still today unable to locate the chassi VIN for my 1985 Superliner. Went and look everywhere, driver side, passenger side, under the cab, above front axle... to no avail. Any other locations? Should I start looking inside the C channel?! The reason for the need to have the VIN is to figure out if the front axle is properly identified for the weight/load capacity. Thank you for your help
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