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A Brace of Bulldogs


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I have been contacted by a gentleman in Virginia who is looking for good homes for not one but two chain drive ACs.  One looks to be about 1925 (early engine type but later radiator) and the other looks about 1930.  Both seem relatively complete.

He wondered if I could find them homes and whilst I would love to put the pair of them on a ship and get them over to UK I think that it may be more sensible to find new owners stateside.  Genuine expressions of interest are therefore sought.  At this stage I do not even know the prices he is looking for, but I am sure that there are excellent deals to be made.

Some pictures are attached.  Please private message me if you are interested and I will pass your details on, and pass his contact details to you.

Should anyone be interested in parting either out I would be willing to share the costs as I could use some spares for mine and have a customer in France who has a 1917 AC but needs an early engine.








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I am quite interested in both of them . I have several enthusiast friends that will help to complete both trucks . One of my friends is a panel maker who loves a challenge .  Units would be worked on at my home shop .  My hope would be that they are displayed in parades and local fairs.

BTW , I live across the street from our Municipal Museum featuring vintage dirt track cars  (Russ Wanzuk is the collector/ restorer) , I am confident that the Museum will be interested in protected display .

i am located just outskirts of Thunder Bay , Ontario , Canada

I deeply hope to hear further on this matter.

Alexander Ouellette        Alexander080350@gmail.com          1(807) 626 3479 cell phone and text


I am a retired Maintenance Superintendent [mining , (underground and open pit and processing concentrators) 30 years for a grain elevator]   Operate a small company based on a Mack MR688 gravel truck and a Cat 416 backhoe.

Thank you for your attention




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