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Ford-Otosan’s success founded in R&D


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Ford Turkey Press Release  /  November 17, 2016

Ford Motor Company’s R&D facilities at the Ford-Otosan joint venture are among the company’s largest in the world.

This video takes a look at the history of R&D at Ford-Otosan, with views of both Ford Truck’s global “Cargo” heavy truck range as well as the Transit van range designed and produced there.

Ford Otomotiv Sanayi A.S. (Ford Otosan) is incorporated in Turkey and operates as a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and Koç Holding. Ford Otosan is the global heavy truck making arm of Ford Motor Company. While the Ford/Koc cooperation dates back 54 years, the relationship began when Henry Ford made the Koc family a distributor in 1928. Today, Ford and Koc Group each hold a 41 percent equity stake each, and the remaining shares are listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.



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On 11/17/2016 at 10:31 PM, kscarbel2 said:

Relating to Ford Trucks' global "Cargo" heavy truck line-up, the Ecotorq engine family now includes the 7.3L (in-line), 9.0L, 10.3L and 12.7L.


With everyone attempting to develop an "in house" engine line up, what would it take for Ford to bring at least the 7.3 and the 9.0 to the US?  Again I really can't see Ford getting back into the high end of class 8 but IMO they are missing the boat by not having a tandem vocational based on the 750.  There has to be a market for a low cost tandem that meets weight laws and is not expected to run a 100,000 miles a year.

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