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Murphy was definitely alive & well...measured the rough opening before we ordered the back door and knew it'd be tight but figured it'd fit. I guess it was just a "patio" door before...2 panels, but only 1 opened. For ease-of-move purposes, I wanted french doors...just back the truck up, open the doors, and load. Replaced the front door a couple weeks ago, and wanted the back doors to compliment the front, since they are opposite ends of the same room.


Anyway, had to open the hole in the wall about 2-3" on the top & one side. Was going to trim 1/2 the amount needed from each side, then thought to measure from the opening to the exterior light on each side. Taking all off of one side was 1/2 the trimming and would also center the door more closely between the lights. I swear whoever built this house did a pretty crappy job...not much attention to details like that. Hell, in the master bath the hardwood floor was laid AFTER the sink was installed...but in the other bathroom, the flooring goes under the sink...not to mention the plumbing I fixed a few years ago in the 2nd bathroom where BOTH the hot & cold lines running to the sink were tapped into the same cold water line going to the tub...just 10' apart. Needless to say, that explained why there was no hot water at the sink.


Anyway, I'll be glad when I find someone to take this place off my hands.


The new doors:



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