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Showing off the new SAR


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Owner/Driver  /  July 31. 2016

Taking his children to the Alexandra show, Bill Gooiker showed off his new SAR

Bill Gooiker arrived at the 2016 Alexandra Truck Ute and Rod Show early, along with three of his children – Hannah, Jayme and Chloe – and Gooiker Transport’s new Kenworth T409 "SAR" (Short Australian Right-hand drive).

There are five trucks in the Mooroopna-based fleet and Bill explains that the SAR will mainly do single trailer livestock work, although it has been spec'd to pull a B-double and even a road train if necessary.

"For our family, the trucks are our hobby as well as our business and the whole family are keen on trucks," he says.

"As you can see we have done a fair bit to this one. It is our business but we say it is our hobby.

"The way I see things is that people spend a lot of money on different hobbies – cars, motorbikes … but we like having our trucks looking pretty good."

Bill isn’t a big fan of polished aluminium and stainless steel, so the SAR’S tanks have been painted.

Under the T409’s bonnet is a 600 Cummins E5 and there’s a 50-inch sleeper behind the seats.

"The Kenworth is the longest wheelbase we could get and still swing a 48 foot trailer on the back," Bill says.

"We have two Kenworth 909s at home and this one looks nearly identical so we thought we would come and show it off."


image 1.jpg

image 2.jpg

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