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Low power!

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04 ch613 AC 437. When I'm bobtailing truck runs great, throttle response it perfect. When I hook up to a empty log trailer truck fails on its face. Takes forever to pick up speed. It's like the truck doesn't see it has a load. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks

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my 04 will do that when the fuel filters start to get stopped up.  We also had problems with the turbo actuator not working right is it throwing any codes? How high is your exhaust temp. Also can check for leaks in your intake boots.



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New fuel filter, and just installed and new turbo and intercooler. I sprayed everything down with soapy water and seen no leaks. I did have one code 4-9 with is the EGR valve. Came on while sitting at red light then as soon as I touched throttle went off and hasn't came back up. 

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