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Volvo Group Australia with new marketing executive


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Prime Mover Magazine  /  June 23, 2016

Teresia Fors has joined Volvo Group Australia (VGA) as Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

Leading a team of seven, Teresia will be responsible for delivering on VGA’s marketing and communications strategy for Australia and New Zealand, the company announced.

Originally from Kiruna in Sweden, Teresia has a strong marketing background and has held a range of senior positions in general management, marketing and advertising.

For the past eight years, she has been the Managing Director at Viking Cruises, where she established the company’s Australian operation.

Teresia is also a Councillor of the Australian National Maritime Museum as well as Director of the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce.

Teresia will replace Julie Skerman, who recently left the Volvo Group to become Joint Managing Director of her family-owned civil construction and property development company.


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Why doesn’t Volvo Truck hire people with........a background in trucks? Is that logical concept too difficult for them to grasp?

If you need an individual to head marketing, a critical position, why would you hire a blonde ex-cruise line director?

In Australia, I’d rather try to hire Steve Brooks. He could sell ice to Eskimos.

And, she’s already the current director of the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce, a time-consuming occupation in itself.

I can tell you, done properly, being a marketing head at a truckmaker is a full-time job.

This is no different than the US market Mack leadership. Not a single individual in their upper management has a background in trucks. They live in a vacuum, ignoring the pleas and complaints of the Mack dealer body. No wonder they are so disgusted and disillusioned.


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Yes Yes Yes and Yes again they will end up with the company they deserve the unfortunate part is when they really stuff the whole show and leave the workers are left to pick up the pieces 

Many years ago as a young lad I fixed lifts ( elevators ) in high rise buildings and a observation I made was every boss at the company was a lift mechanic and when the poo really hit the fan in a big way on a buildings lifts the big bosses would turn up and take their ties and jackets off and roll up their sleeves and help (they would actually do this) as we all worked together as one to fix the problem 

The effect that had on a customer was very apparent they felt they werent been fobbed off and fed a line of BS as the whole company was their doing their best to fix the problem . A customer watching this unfold in front of them even if we didnt sort the problem out that day they new we were all working to fix their problem and it always calmed the whole show down 

Step forward 10 years the Lift company gets sold to a Finnish company and they hired people like our blond friend above 

The new bosses answers were " well you boys keep on working away I'll take the customer out to lunch to try and smooth things over "

It doesnt work the workers hate the boss because the boss has bailed and left them holding the baby the customer knows the boss is full of crap the company looses contracts because the customer is sick of the BS next thing the new boss bails takes a pay out and leaves behind un happy customers and workers 

So I guess what Im saying in a long winded way you are 100% correct with what you say Kevin 

Just one more thing way off topic but not really I hate this modern day BS when the appointed new boss says to the worker or the customer "we cant look back thats all in the past we have to focus on the future" what a fool statement is that if you have screwed up you need to look back to see when it was going right before you stuffed the show !!!!!! Its no rocket science yeah things change but the basics never do and if you stuff it well you gotta back to before it was stuffed and see what you did wrong

Its like driving down the road and you make a wrong turn the further you keep going the wrong way the further you gotta back track to get going the right way 

Sorry way off topic but is it, if they really wanna sort their shit they need to look back to when it was going good see how stuffed the show 

rant over



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