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Ford Trucks Launches New Global Website


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Ford Trucks Press Release  /  May 14, 2016

At Ford Trucks, we’re serious about trucking. It's why we designed the new 2016 Cargo heavy truck range from the ground up to meet your needs and expectations. It’s why we invest in the latest truck technology to make them both lightweight and tough. And then we back them with a global service network second to none, including dealers who specialize in heavy trucks and have some of the finest sales and service facilities in the world.

The new 2016 Cargo heavy truck range from Ford Trucks. Compare it with any heavy truck on the road today.

Ask the many Ford heavy truck customers operating in the four corners of the world across 3 continents. At Ford Trucks, we’ve got your back.

Ford Trucks and You – "Sharing the Load"


Website Homepage               https://www.fordtrucks.com.tr/

Tractors (prime movers)       https://www.fordtrucks.com.tr/vehicle/index/32

Vocational (construction)     https://www.fordtrucks.com.tr/vehicle/index/33

Regional                                  https://www.fordtrucks.com.tr/vehicle/index/34

Bodybuilder Solutions           https://www.fordtrucks.com.tr/content/bodybuilder-solutions-38

Global After-Sales Support   https://www.fordtrucks.com.tr/content/aftersales-39

About Ford Trucks                 https://www.fordtrucks.com.tr/content/factory-32


Find A Dealer                         https://www.fordtrucks.com.tr/content/find-a-dealer-42


Have you driven a Ford heavy truck.......lately?



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Global Ford Trucks is witnessing massive changes.

- All new on-road European 4x2 platform

- All-new on-road 6x2 twin-steer and 6x4 platforms (purposed for China)

- All-new vocational platform

- The switch to vertical integration. Alike the former Mack Trucks and the European truckmakers. Ford is now building most of its own components (no Cummins), or having components built as Ford proprietary designs under contract.

The future – H62X – the modern new full-width global cab for model year 2018.

Bill Ford is making Ford Trucks a global truckmaker once more.

“Ford Means Business In Big Trucks”.


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The wide cab will definitely fill a gap and make the Cargo an option for medium and long haul operations in Europe and other more sophisticated problems. But for North America and Australia, they still need a conventional, and the F series can won't do.

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I can imagine a North American market conventional using a variant of the current cab (revised interior, additional cab lengths), or the upcoming full-width cab. It's all a matter of design goals and aesthetics.


The original Freightliner Business Class conventional (1991-2001) utilized the Mercedes-Benz LN2 COE cab (redesignated LK in 1988).

The stunning Freightliner Argosy II COE shares the same cab as the Century Class, Columbia and Coronado (the Argosy variant is 305mm wider). 

The Mack MS Mid-Liner COE shared the same cab used on the Mack CS Mid-Liner conventional, and Renault’s C, CBH, CLM, CLR and GBC series conventional cab models.

The DAF XT conventional is based on the DAF XF105.

Scania's T-Series utililzed the company's Bertone-designed 4-Series COE cab.

The global market Volvo NH conventional was based on the FH/FM COE cab. The NH was full-width like the FH COE, while the North American market VN was a narrowed variant.

And of course the impressive Iveco "Powerstar" conventional utilizes the Stralis COE cab.


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