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1961 B-61t Intregral sleeper makes trip to new home


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I saved the "ugly Mack" a 1961 B-61t integral sleeper from the car crusher several years ago. This truck was a Surface Banana tractor first, then a wholesale fruit and grocery truck for two Foodland stores in Spencer and Summersville, West Virginia. The truck was then discovered covered up with old wooden apple crates behind the Summersville store and purchased by a local excavation firm with one goose neck trailer and one B model single axle dump. The owner was murdered out West and I heard about the four trucks from the local tow company operator who said the trucks were offered for scrap. I got two Macks running the tractor and the dump and had a B-61LST cab and frame and another B-61 single axle dump for parts. My friend Travis Cadle fell in love with the "ugly Mack" as the former owners mother called the tractor. I saw the tractor and lowboy in service locally hauling a dozer. We made Travis a deal on 3 of the Macks and then She sat because of no lights and old recap tires not fit for the 50 mile drive to the new home. Over several years, Travis's dad Stephen Cadle , a former B model operator and owner kept asking about whether the tractor was for sale and we said it was already sold not telling him his son was the owner. After several years of trying to figure out transport, Travis got his CDL and began work for a local trucking firm, and gained borrowing rights to a lowboy and semi tractor.We tried pulling the Mack to start it with my M-925 army 6x6 but all we got done was scooting the rear tires while being bobtail. I called Stephen and kidded him asking if he had string trimmer string so I could mow around the Mack . He said "Why should I give you string to mow around your stuff?" I replied because the truck belongs to Travis your son. He was flabbergasted with the news. Last weekend we hauled the Mack to her new home and with some tinkering she starts on the battery and has brakes. There is hope for the old girl now at her forever home and awaits much needed body work and paint. This truck has had five owners during its service and has never been based anywhere but West Virginia. I wish Travis well and will assist with restoration as I reserved seat time in the old girl. I will attempt to post some pictures of the move and her new home. Mark Sergent

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#comment-334777Having trouble uploading pictures here or in album form. I live out in country and have slow internet. I will try again later with pictures. The Ugly Mack now key starts and the next project is to get my father in law in the cab at 86, he is a former trucker and ran L models and B models in his day hauling produce and gasoline in the West Virginia mountains.

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