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Remembering the Ural 6464


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Introduced in 2005, the Ural model 6464 was the truckmaker’s first attempt at a North American style conventional (bonneted) heavy truck.

The 6464’s cab and hood were created by i-Design*, utilizing Iveco's old "TurboStar" cab.

* http://www.i-design-izh.com/index.php?n=34

In addition to license-built 311-412 horsepower Renault 11-liter dCi in-line six-cylinder engines and proprietary 400 horsepower 14.9-liter V-8 engines produced by GAZ Group’s Yaroslavl Motor Works (YaMZ) unit, Caterpillar C15 and Cummins engines were also available options.

Established in 1942, Ural is the heavy truck unit of GAZ Group. Located in the Ural mountains, the plant was established in World War 2 when the ZIS truck plant was evacuated from Moscow.


Ural 6464 6x2 Tractor - Specifications

Max. GCW:                 49,000 to 72,000 kg    (gross combination weight)

Front GAW:                 7,000 kg                      (gross axle weight)

Rear GAW:                  20,500 kg

Engine:                        400hp YaMZ-7511.10 turbocharged V-8 14.86L (Euro 2)

                                    400hp YaMZ-6581.10 turbocharged V-8 14.86L (Euro 3)

                                    412hp YaMZ-650.10 (Renault dCi 11) 11L (Euro 3)

Transmission:               YaMZ-239 9-Speed overdrive (12.24/0.78)

Front Suspension:        Parabolic Springs

Rear Suspension:         6 rod steel spring suspension

Fuel Tank:                    670 Liters


Ural 6464 (1).jpg

Ural 6464 (3).jpg

Ural 6464 (2).jpg

Ural 6464 (3).jpg

Ural 6464 (4).jpg

Ural 6464 (5).jpg

Ural 6464 (6).jpg

Ural 6464 (7).jpg

Ural 6464 (8).jpg

Ural 6464 (9).jpg

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