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Finland’s Little Giant loaded for future transport


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Scania Group Press Release  /  May 18, 2016

Finland is now expanding its ambitious programme to improve efficiency in timber transport. In addition to the ongoing trials with the giant 104 metric tonne (229,281 lb) Scania forestry truck, Finnish authorities have approved trials for 84 metric tonne (185,188 lb) transport operations on unpaved forest roads.

Named Pikkujätti, or the Little Giant, the 12-metre (39.4 ft) Scania truck has started operations on behalf of the Finnish State Forest Enterprise, Metsähallitus, following approval by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Trafi.

“We believe that the Little Giant has the makings of a future model for timber transport,” says Ari Siekkinen, Development Expert at Metsähallitus.

The 730 horsepower V8-powered Scania R730 rigid truck has been exceptionally equipped with a shorter-than-normal cab to accommodate a longer chassis bed. The truck can carry two log bundles, which are usually 4–4.5 metres in length (13-15 ft). An additional 2–3 bundles, depending on length, are loaded onto the trailer.

The truck features five axles, of which the first four have leaf springs and the fifth, a retractable tag axle, is equipped with air suspension springs. With this specification, the 25.25-metre (82.8 ft) truck and trailer combination truck can be maneuvered with sufficient traction on unpaved forest roads even while unloaded. With the first two and the last axle steered, the truck can follow previously carved tyre tracks without causing irreparable damage to sensitive roads.


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