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Chernobyl Disaster and KrAZ contribution remembered


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KrAZ Trucks Press Release  /  April 26, 2016

April 26 marks the day of the Chernobyl tragedy, and is remembered by Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Russians and people all over the world.

Now 30 years since the explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, people still remembers the events that occurred there and those who valiantly fought the fire and radiation.

Kraz (Kremenchug Automobile Plant) was at the forefront of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster response. Then, in 1986, over 300 KrAZ employees went to radiation contaminated area to carry out response operations.

About 10,000 vehicles including a large number of specialized KrAZ heavy trucks were brought in to deal with the disaster.

The KrAZ-255Bs carried in a floating bridge which was installed across the Pripyat River in support of evacuating the population. The bridge was installed in just seven hours, and evacuation started on April 30.

However, the most important task set before the KrAZ team was a government request for high specialized heav y trucks with could operate in the high radiation area and haul away the radioactive demolition debris, as well as deliver construction materials for entombment of the No. 4 nuclear reactor.

The task was handed down to the truckmaker on the evening Sunday, June 22.

Our engineers decided to base this vehicle on the KrAZ model 256B1 dump truck.

A special lead-lined single seat cab weighing 3-tonnes was created to offer maximum protection to the driver. 

In early July, seven completed trucks arrived at Chernobyl, with another eleven units arriving by months end.

The lead cab-equipped KrAZ-256B1s had to do the most dangerous jobs in high-radiation area. Contaminated debris was loaded onto them by robot-aided devices which were clearing up the No.4 nuclear reactor.

These dump trucks were used for carrying concrete delivered by their regular production counterparts into the thick of the disaster.

Upon completion of the project, all 18 of the lead cab-equipped dump trucks were placed in special burial site in Buryakovaka village nearby the Chernobyl power plant. 

The KrAZ employees who engineered and produced the trucks for the Chernobyl disaster response received government awards. 

Today, 30 years after the disaster, all the workers who participated in the Chernobyl disaster response operations are being honored by KrAZ management.


KrAZ - Chernobyl Disaster (1).jpg

KrAZ - Chernobyl Disaster (2).jpg

KrAZ - Chernobyl Disaster (3).jpg

KrAZ - Chernobyl Disaster (4).jpg

KrAZ - Chernobyl Disaster (5).jpg

KrAZ - Chernobyl Disaster (6).jpg

KrAZ - Chernobyl Disaster (7).jpg

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30 years time flies thats for sure wouldnt have thought 30 years ago 

It had far reaching effects and pulled Australia's agriculture sector out of the a major slump it had been in due to all the contaminated food supplies in the northern hemisphere  


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