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Looking for superliner with sleeper.... Any out there???


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I'm looking for a superliner with a sleeper. Only requirements are e6 engine and cut outs on both sides of sleeper for dual stacks. Preferably a flat top sleeper but will entertain all available. Could be restored or need restoring just looking for a sleeper truck. Any help would be apriciated! Thanks Scott. 239-410-1662

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scott       there was one in fla.on this site last year was pretty rough but might still be sittin around look in the for sale archives   if i come across i`ll yell at ya                     85 mack-worth superliner on pg.5 trucks for sale is the one i was thinking of

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I have a 1986 Mack Superpower with able sleeper,it is a 48 inch crawl thru. type. Tengine is ae6 350 4v ,9sod mack,4.64 live tandem.  It is in clean condition with a new interior, all dash lights work. I bought the last fiber optic cable available to replace old one. T his truck has dual exhaust that is formed around the sleeper. Body has a few sracthes and one small crack. I also have a parts manual specific to vin number,as well as engine,transmission,electrical,air conditioning,and electrical manuals for this truck. First 10000 or as close to it gets it. L ocated in. Texas. 361 788 3294

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