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2 hours ago, MrCat said:

Bob, do you mean on the same spoke,or interchange pieces on the rim?

Mike- Same spoke-so on my rear I would have a 3 piece with a two piece... By the way-you must be psychic because I was down at my pal's shop in Lancaster an hour ago where Dave M keeps his Binder and his Brockway and we were talking about 360's, 361's and long nose versions to accommodate 12V-71's and your name came up!

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6 hours ago, MrCat said:

Bob, I see no problem and have done it before with no ill effects. As long as they are both 24X8.0. I hope that there weren't many bad things said about me!

Hah- only a few! Thx for info- I don't even remember what the connection was that your name came up but it did have something to do with 360's or 361's that had big power-12v-71 or that big OHC Cat. 

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