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thinking on buying

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Hello i am thinking on buying a truck to pull a flatbed, that being said i am looking to buy a truck that will get me good service, good fuel mileage, and look clean and presentable going down the road....I found this Mack and was wondering if it is a good deal/truck.


any advise is welcome...thanks

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hey man welcome aboard and yes you will be happy with that size engine,,,and can never go wrong with the macks,,,great milage...beautiful rig,,,,i would go for it no question.. best of luck...bob

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Welcome and best of luck. There has been some discussion on the early "MP" engines, some have had problems with the DPF system and others have not. My employer had issues with it's '08 MP7's, but I don't know if the MP8's had similar problems. Hopefully someone will chime in with details or you can start another topic in the Engine and Transmission forum.


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sorry for not replying..my life as i knew it has changed...rite after this post my mom had a bad stroke and passed...now i am in the processes of probating her will and moving..so all my plans are on temporary hold...hoping to purchase a truck in the fall if not i might wait until the spring , i will also have more money to spend and their is the possibility of getting a 2011 or 2012 pinnacle with a mp8..I still look on the web from time to time and have seen some nice trucks and will be doing my research on the 11&12 models and the MP8 thanks for your reply's

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