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ALE Introduces New Prime Mover


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Press Release / October 14, 2014

UK-based specialist heavy lift and haulage contractor ALE (Abnormal Load Engineering) has begun production of the Trojan 8870. The truck was designed by the company's engineers and is being produced at its operational hub at Hixon.

ALE says the Trojan 8870 represents a breakthrough in capability, fuel efficiency and reliability. The 8870 model designation reflects the truck’s 8x8 configuration and 700 horsepower powertrain.

The development of the new prime mover vehicle was part of a truck replacement process conceived some time ago, and the new vehicles are based on a concept initially developed in 2012.

Gary Butler, ALE project manager and designer of the Trojan said: "We wanted to replace our current fleet of trucks with a specification that improved on vehicle performance, capability and fuel efficiency but there was no other truck on the market that delivered this.

"We therefore designed our own based on our specific requirements which included computer synchronization, future-proof electronics, automatic gear change, ABS, transmission retardation, a good footprint for power and torque, and a stainless steel cab.

"Through the custom drive and transmissions, we are now able to deliver the required power to move abnormal loads more efficiently, more smoothly and in a more environmentally friendly way."

ALE says that one of the special features of the Trojan's design is its ability to link up multiple tractor units in a 'command and drone' convoy, whereby the command vehicle is able to control itself, as well as any other tractor units in the convoy, through mechanical and air links, as well as an electronic Can Bus System.

Vehicle braking, electrics, engine and transmissions on all tractor units are synchronized by computer which ensures each vehicle is in a matched gear, matched RPM and matched torque.

Vehicle braking, engine compression braking and transmission retardation can be controlled identically and there is no limit to the number of vehicles that can be added to the convoy.

These features help to deliver a smoother ride through the whole length of the convoy, thereby reducing potential stress on any consignment being transported.

The Trojan truck's design weight is 72 metric tons (158,733lb) and it has a maximum geared road speed of 48 mph (77 km/h).

It can pull a gross combination weight of metric 300 tons (661,387lb) at its maximum gradient of 14 percent, although this weight capacity can be increased as the incline is decreased.

A bespoke engine and transmission performance reduces emissions and provides a fuel saving of 40 percent compared to that achieved by previous models.

A further important design consideration for ALE was to ensure that power could be delivered effectively, producing significantly improved tractive effort compared to other standard market products. Critical to this was to ensure that the trucks provided a significant and balanced footprint which would also assist with retardation.

These are the first of a fleet of six new Trojans to be built by ALE, with delivery of all six by the end of next year. Four will be retained for use by the company in the UK, with two destined for the company's subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates.

Trojan 8870 Specifications

Gross combination weight 300 tons (661,387lb) at a gradient of 14% fully loaded

Maximum geared road speed: 48.mph / 77.km/h

Design weight 72 metric tons (158,733lb)

1st Axle 12,000kg (26,455lb)

2nd Axle 12,000kg (26,455lb)

3rd Axle 24,000kg (52,911lb)

4th Axle 24,000kg (52,911lb)

Engine: Volvo Penta TAD1662VE, 6-cylinder inline, Euro-5, turbocharged and intercooled, 700hp (515kW) at 1,800 RPM, 3,220 Nm torque at 1,200 rpm, Water cooled, Ambient range -31ºc to +55ºc.

Main transmission: Allison M6620AR full automatic 6 speed. Integral torque converter, PTO, & retarder.

Auxiliary Transmission: Kessler VG2500, 2 speed transfer case, with built in torque proportioning 1/3 to the front 2 axles, 2/3 to the Rear 2 axles. Low range = 2,07:1 / High range = 1,03:1

Front axles: Dana twin steer, bevel hub reduction type, Inter-axle & cross-axle differential locks.

Front suspension: slipper-ended semi elliptic parabolic leaf springs with heavy duty

hydraulic telescopic dampers.

Rear axles: Kessler manufactured tandem, spiral bevel, hub reduction, 25,000kg (55,116lb) capacity per axle. Pneumatically operated inter axle & cross axle lockable differentials.

Rear suspension: Hendrickson 48 ton (105,822lb), 6-rod, twin high articulation semi-elliptical, multi-leaf springs, trunnion mounted.

Braking system: All axles, duel circuit, ABS, S-cam drum type, with emergency spring brakes, & parking brakes on all axles. Compressed air operated via heated air dryer to service & secondary reservoirs, High output auxiliary compressor, hydraulically controlled.

Front tyres: Michelin XZL 24R21 on / off road singles.

Rear tyres: 1400R25 twin assembly

Steering: Integral power box with direct operating drag links and hydraulic rams, plus

emergency backup.

Cab: Penman, 2mm stainless steel, corrosion resistant walk through military cab with seating for 2 persons. Heating, aux night heater, and air conditioning as standard.

Electrics: 24 volt

Winch: Single 8,000kg (17,637)) hydraulically driven horizontal drum.

Fuel capacity: 1,400 litres (370 U.S. gallons)








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Very impressive machinery! But I still like "old school" where you hook up two, three, four or more units, more often than not just as many makes and configurations and the skill of the drivers working as a team, that's knowledge!!! Don't get me wrong, I understand where these people are coming from with what they're doing but that's what makes a good operator you come across a situation and find a solution! Mick ;)

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