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Need to replace a windshield in a 1986 MS250 Mack Midliner

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I think ms windshields are still available from Mack . If not most any local glass company in your area should have one. When I install them I have two people if the existing seal is good use it. I install the seal on the glass and then Install a small rope in the locking portion of the seal on the inside . Have your two rope ends come together at the bottom of the windshield. Some folks use soapy water in a spray bottle for lube it works well just a little messy I think .I use foaming glass cleaner to lube the seal a lot less messy. Set the bottom of the glass on the pinch weld with the two rope ends on the inside of the cab have the person inside start pulling the rope as you push slightly on the windshield to help hold it in place as the seal goes into place . I use a hook tool to help the seal seat on the outside. And sometimes on the inside if needed . It usually only takes about fifteen min to get the glass in sits not hard.

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