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Superliner air piping question

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Preparing to find all of my airleaks as well as documenting each airline...

All of my documentation (not much) for the air system shows a wet tank...my 88 superdog has only two tanks...which side is the primary? Is one of the tanks split in half internally? (for the wet tank)

I am thinking the drivers side is the primary...is this correct? Lately I can hear a squealing noise that is coming from inside the tank (drivers side)...and one of the fittings is sort of buzzing...I assume this is the line with the worse of the leaks, is there some kind of check valve in the middle of this tank? It sounds like air is escaping somwhere inside the tank if that makes any sense...also, does anyone have any late model superliner diagrams for the air system they could scan and send?

Also, does all of the air go from the compressor to the dryer, then to the primary tank?


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