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Visor for B modle Mack

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Hello everyone. I am looking for a B model Mack Visor which I know is Impossible to find. I was wondering is there a visor from another vehicle that can be adapted to fit like an old Ford Dodge Chev 40s 50s . Also is there a palace you can buy a chrome grill for a B model Mack? Or do you have to get a grill chromed that is in good enough shape to chrome that is?

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I have been looking for a Visor that will adapt to a B Mack truck from another vehicle and have found a Fulton Sun Visor, VS800S For 1937 to 1953 Chev, Ford, Dodge, Plymouth, cars and trucks might work. It extends from 50" to 58". I haven't measured the roof width from drip rail to drip rail beside the top corners of the windsheild yet My truck is in storage but being a body man for 25 years I think this is the best one so far that might adapt to a B Mack truck. Has anyone tried one of these for fit?

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