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mack t2180 rear countershaftcover


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I had a read of the T2130/80 manual..

end of the shaft has a taper roller bearing and is shimmed for backlash under the cover during assembly.. while it says that it is preferred to do the set-up vertically it doesn't forbid horizontal.

there are three bolts and two dowels for alignment and an o-ring, I assume there is enough support within the gears that there is no significant drop if you remove the cover.. but, how much wiggle room gets lost and how easy is the end cap going to come off?

if you loose alignment you may be able to get at the shaft by removing the top cover..

it may be a simple job or one that goes downhill fast

if it was me... I'd first try to drill it for an easy-out before disturbing the shim set-up... bolt torque is 40-50ft/lb.... plan B would then be cap removal

BC Mack


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You can remove the cap without fear of doing any harm. The top right countershaft will be supported by other gears. I do not remember ever seeing dowels on rear covers but its been a while since I've had one off. There are shims and an o-ring under the cover, the cap goes on in one position only. I would recommend replacing the o-ring, bolt torque is 40-50 lb-ft (the fastener has epoxy-coated threads, it can be reused a maximum of five times).

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