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1960 truck mounted Waterous split shaft fire pump 1,250GPM

BDA B125

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Looking for a bit of direction.

I have a 1960 1,250GPM split shaft truck mounted pump.

It has not turned in 20 years.

I would like to turn it by hand to see if it is seized in order to determine my next move..

Would that be the way to go or can someone put me on the right track.

I have sent an e mail to Waterous to ask this and also find out if they still carry seals, bearings etc for a rebuild but have not had a reply.

Thanks to you in advance.





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First thing to do is drain the pump and transfer case to see if it has any water in the oil/gearbox. If there is no water, refill the gearbox (transfer and pump) and then use a chain based vice grip on the drive shaft to slowly try and turn the pump input shaft. If it turns then rotate all 360 dgress and make sure no binding. If not binding then reconnect the drive shaft to the engine should be good to try it.

If you find oil and water in the gear case you can try the same procedure but most likely will find that a bearing or two will be ruined and most likely will need to spilt the pump to replace the bearing and pump seals.You can terll if it tunes over and when beign turned by the engine makes a lot of noise will the require to trar it down and inspect/replace the bad parts.

Good luck


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Looking at the pictures I would flush the pump with another truck if at all possible before you try to turn it. Put the hoses into both the intake and discharge side alternately until the water runs clear out of the pump. Take the steamer cap off one side and put the pressure to the other steamer using an adaptor. Then put pressure on the intake 2 1/2" inlet; out the opposite steamer; In through the 2 1/2" discharge; out the opposite steamer; etc.

If the engine starts you can try to turn the pump by putting the engine in reverse instead of using the correct forward gear. This usually works if it is jammed with crap. Just be easy with the clutch.

Frankly, I understand your desire to get everything working, but you probably have bigger fish to fry. The truck can be shown and driven without the pump working. Just make sure the transfer case is working properly.

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