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thought the wobble was gone but?


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hey gang.

yah i have been checking this out for a while now. just when it looked like i may have won the battle it seems to return, but this gets weird.

my wobble issue got to a point where it seemed to diminish, but i went a lubed up my front end king pins and now it seems my wobble is back.

wtf. king pins are brand new. do you think its possible they are not installed correctly. the wobble only occurs at 35mph and is gone at 40 mph.

kind of pisses me off.

anyways have a great day.

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When I have a problem that goes in and out at a certain speed I look to tire balance. Jack up front end of one side under axel, rotate tire and watch to see if there is a heavy spot which consistently ends up on the bottom. Mark the spot and put weight 180 from it. Then do the other side. While you have it up, put a can about 1/4 inch outside the tire and make sure as you rotate it that distance is close to the same all the way around. From your description I would look at balance.

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