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Changing ratio from 4.73 to 4.17


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I need to change the ratio from a 4.73 to 4.17, the rears are 44,000lbs rears.Trying to keep the cost down,2dealers tell me I need to buy remain drop ins about $4,800.00.But a few other shops tell me I can just change the ring & pinion and the bull gear and save about $4,000? Anybody run up against this?


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Drop-ins would be the EASY route. Drop-ins are made with parts, and the gears are the parts that decide the ratio, so I would imagine if you find someone who knows how to put all of the pieces together, they can do the job with less new-to-you parts. Drop-ins are factory reman, though, and come with a warranty. Will the shop stand behind their gear swap?

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We usually price remans as we find to rebuild them with new gears there is a lot of unseen bearing and power divider damage. Also the cost is not much more for remans to having the old ones rebuilt correctly. Also there is the reman warranty which is very good.

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