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2006 CH613

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Currently pulling super Bs with 2003 Ch613 with 460 engine and looking for a bit of an upgrade. Found a 2006 CH613 with a rebuilt 487 engine and wondering if they are much better or worse for that matter. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Is your 2003 460HP an ASET (EGR engine)? The 2006 you mentioned is a 460P with 487 HP is a ASET engine. Usually 2003's are ETECH (CCRS) engines. The two engines are wildy different and your better off with the ETECH engine. Unless you like changing high dollar EGR coolers and valves and turbos. If your 2003 somehow does have a ASET 460E (460HP) it can be bumped with a software download at a dealer to 460P. No parts change needed. Send we the last 6 of your VIN on the 2003 and I can see what can be done.

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The 460XT was also rated at 487hp and is pre ASET and non EGR.

Both ASET and E-tech were available with similar horse power ratings.

I owned both a 2006 CHN with an ASET 487 and a 2003 CH E-Tech 460XT wasted gated turbo non EGR. A friend had a 2001 CL with the 460xt

That E-Tech 460XT was a much better engine then the ASET. I've sold all of my ASET Mack's and noticed how much better the fleet is for it.

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Hell an 03 is the truck to have, get with Rochester fuel injection for some injectors and a turbo and redo what you've got. I'm still looking for a cheap CHN from 04 back to rebuild from front to back. We did the math on here a couple times and after you count fuel and repairs buying a cheaper older truck and rebuilding the whole thing interior and all is cheaper in the long run. And you have a non emissions truck, I say stick it to the man.

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