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The ATHS National show and convention was at the Sundome in Yakima last year. 817 trucks registered. The ATHS National show is on a rotating region schedule. The next one on the west coast is at the Oregon State Fair Grounds in Salem OR on May 26 to 28, 2016. There will be a local chapter show at Fullbright Park in Yakima on June 20-21, 2014 call 509-786-6908 for more details, and another chapter show in Duncan BC on July 12-13, and another chapter show in Cache Creek BC on July 25-27 call 250-962-6268, and Maple Valley WA Sept 14 call 206-683-0994

You can go to the calendar on the aths.org website or if you have a Tractor Supply store in your area you can pick up a copy of the ATHS Wheels of Time magazine for $6.50. Also Mackdaddy may jump in here with some more details of events in the Pacific Northwest.

I do not know at this time if I will try to come west for the Salem show or not??????


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Interesting stuff. My Dad grew up on what was the Allen farm in greenland, NH. They (Merrill's) had no such thing that I am aware of but I think by the time our trees blossom we typiclaly don't hit freezing temps. I'll have to ask him how that all went back in his youth. I know they had lot's of deer issues and were poor so there was a fair amount of venison meals in the winter months. He (Grandpa Merrill RIP) always kept a dear tag to satisfy the curiosity of the local fish & game officials...nothing to see here...he got good at making it a brief trip from fatal gun shot wound to freezer! All in a days work.

That has got to be a pain and the downside I assume is reduced or no production from the orchard. The blossoms freeze and the fruit doesn't grow. Thanks for the information and pictures. Interesting stuff. May some global warming find your land until mother nature warms up a bit on her own!


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We have our share off bambi problems as well 2 years ago I grafted 4 acres of apples to a different variety and we had 4 young bucks show up and they wanted to undo the recent grafting so I contacted fish and game to get some shotgun cracker shells cause I ran out, and was informed that ATF wont allow them to be used any more so I was told to shoot 2 deer and make it look like a cougar kill and was informed to not salvage any amount of the kill or bad things will happen! if caught.

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