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Tool for removing bolts when separating carrier from housing.


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I was wondering what tools you use when removing the internal bolts when separating the carrier from the housing. I know that some make their own tools, others find some that work good.

I was wondering if you could post a pic of what you use, particularly with the star headed bolts that are inside the coverplate on a Mack rear. I know a 5/8 twelve point fits on, but it's an extreme pain in the a$$ to break them free, much less get them out (especially the front and rear ones)

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I use a closed end wrench and a shallow well 1/2" drive socket and breaker bar on mine, once i break em loose I use a 3/8" shallow socket and swivel head ratchet to get em up as far as possible while still able to get the ratchet off the bolt, then its down to an open end wrench. The 1/2" breaker bar is my preferred method for breaking and final torque on install. If you get a cheap wrench and bend it like a distributor wrench it works better but you can do it without.

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