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fifth wheel

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Nice picture. When that KW was built in early 50'S ??? a 220 Cummins was a good sized engine. It looks like a 4" stack so most likely no turbo or 262 HP.Big rubber and gears made that truck. Do you know what model next to it is with one piece windshield ? Thanks Joe D.

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1948 KW 988 owner listed as Matt Flanagan, North Branford CT (or Madison). It was on display at the ATHS show in Marlborough, MA in 1991.

Maybe still owns it?

It is pretty big so it is hard to hide.

The next door truck is a tuned up Mack NO.


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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Unfortunately Matt Flanagan passed away a few years back. Had a lot of trucks in his collection and i would love to get my hands on the pictures he had of all his R700s and more taken up in Tilcons quarry. my dad told me about when he went to get the truck in Canada and i vaguely remember it sitting in his yard as i was young when he was still around. im surprised no one has pictures of his truck as there were all very sharp looking. Last i know everything that was in the yard was sold or scrapped. My dad is good friends with his step-son


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