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The Global Market Ford Cargo Heavy Tractor


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Introduced in 2013, the Ford 1846T tractor is produced and sold by Ford Otosan in Turkey and has quickly made a solid name for itself.

Ford Otosan is a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and Koc Holding.

The 1846T is equipped with the most powerful engine yet for the Cargo range, a 10.3 liter VGT-equipped engine rated at 460 horsepower and 1,549 ft-lb. of torque. This is the Iveco “Cursor 10”, produced by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (http://www.fptindustrial.com/products/en-UK/Documents/onroad-en.pdf).

Transmission options are the ZF 16S2220 TO manual overdrive and the ZF 12AS2130 TD direct drive AMT.

A 322 horsepower engine brake and transmission-mounted ZF retarder are available.

The 1846T has a 7100kg (15,653lb) front axle, Meritor 17X 11,500kg (25,353lb) rear axle and a 40,000kg (88,185lb) GCW.

Here is the interactive Ford 1846T website. http://www.yollarinlordu.com/

On this web page (http://www.ford.com.tr/agir-ticari-araclar/ford-cargo-cekici) for Cargo tractors, you can click the following for more information.

1846T Teknik özellikler Standard 1846T spec sheet

1846T katalog Standard 1846T brochure

1846T Midilli Çekici Teknik Özellikler Low 5th-wheel height (960mm) version of the 1846T for pulling 2.9-meter high shipping containers and high-cube trailers (It keeps under the 4-meter maximum height requirement in Europe).

Introduced in 2013 at Ford Brazil, the C-2842 is their big tractor with a 420 horsepower version of the Iveco “Cursor 10” and a 6x2 tag axle configuration (popular in Brazil).






Straight trucks (known globally as “rigids”) and vocational models are available in 6x4 configurations.

Owing to the demand for higher horsepower engines in Europe, Turkey offers a 460 horsepower powerplant whereas Ford Brazil’s top power offering is 420 horsepower.

Ford Otosan has been enthusiastically pushing Bill Ford to continue on with the Ford Cargo commercial truck range and invest more heavily. And Ford Brazil has benefited heavily from R&D pushed in Turkey by Ford Otosan.

Turkish and Brazilian Cargos used to have differences. But now under the “One Ford” global platform strategy (producing the same model at different global locations), they build the same basic truck.

Otosan has been producing Ford vehicles under license since 1959. Owned by the Koc family, the relationship dates back to 1928 when Henry Ford made Vehbi Koc a Ford distributor.

Despite having only invested just US$37.5 million into the joint venture to redesign and upgrade Cargo range (for a total of US$75 million), Ford has gotten a very big bang for their buck owing to the enthusiastic people at Ford Otosan. If Ford was to make a serious investment, they could easily re-enter the high-level European heavy truck market (http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/topic/30332-when-ford-roamed-the-world-the-transcontinental/).







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are there plans to bring this to usa/Canada?

If not the actual truck, I would hope that some of their engineering experience will eventually show up at Avon Lake. I have been led to believe that the recently introduced 2016 650-750 is an interim vehicle designed to bridge the transfer from Bluediamond to in house. KSC will I'm sure have an opinion on this. Did you note the comment on the Turkish brass pressuring Bill Ford? tghat is a good thing as I believe Bill Ford was not a fan of the 98 decision to bail out of class 8. Also not the relationship with the Koc goes back to 1928. I think from time to time, old relationships have a value in a "family" business.

Probably wishful thinking on my part but perhaps that is why I'm such a "Ford guy". Ford is something more than a corporate entity to some people. I can recall my old uncles talking about what "He" was going to do next- the "He" being Hank the Deuce (I'm not that old that they were referring to Henry! :)

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