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Bibeau 45 degree bumper!

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Was word earring if any of you dump Truck owners or driving have a Bibeau bed with the 45 degree angle bumper? If so how do you like them? What's better the 45 degree bumper or the tail gate with the lip on it? Also does any one have any pics of the Bibeau in Cab Control Tower??? You guys insight would be greatly appreciated many thanks Mightyfruit!

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The 45* is nice as you get no material hung up on it and more clearance dumping into a spreader. But if you get stuck you better have a chain to pull with as there is no push plates on the back to put a blade against.

I looked but don't have any pics of my interior on this computer. If I remember I'll post pics of the tower when I get home.

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No pics yet....but I wouldn't get a control tower. I like them down on the floor between the driver seat and the the drivers door. That's leaves you cab free between the seats to put a cooler/fridge, etc. I've also had all the controls on the dash depending on truck model (if it has the room.) I find the control towers are excessively large for what is on/in them.

Plus I don't like the in-cab controls for my pony trailers. I switched them to all manual in the box on the pony itself. And I use a manual diverter. In cab controls are nice......until the salt green death gets into all the electrical. Plus I like an excuse to get out of the truck once in a while.

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