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DM 895 dimensions?

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I know that this sounds silly, but since I don't have a real one in the driveway I'll have to ask: What is the width across the fenders on the DM 895? I am trying to work out proper dimensions for 1/32 scale, as I am converting an R600 kit into the DM895. I've got a 1/25 scale kit to measure as well, and it comes out to 92" wide. My brochures don't state this dimension either, just the outside track of the duals which is a few inches wider than the front fenders. Anybody know the actual fender width at the front? Thanks!

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That's the problem Veeight. Brochures measure the wheel track, which varies depending on the size of rims & tires. It's 104" for the 24" x 12" wheels, which is what's likely for heavy haulage use like transporting tanks. That's great; I can set my axle width for that. But that isn't the same as the fender measurement, and that is critical for working out the hood pieces and the stub fender on the passenger side beneath the air cleaner. The AMT 1/25 kit measures about 92", but that's suspect because the whole thing flexes as you put the caliper to it. And at 92" that would leave the rear track a full 6" wider on each side at the back with the largest wheel/tire combo. That strikes me as a bit much...hence the question in the first place.

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