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Infatuated with the Rawhide...


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Hello, I'm on here to learn about the Rawhide model. I've had a " thing " for them since the first time I saw one, leased onto Nicholson Ventures, roll off a BC ferry.

I'm currently in a 2005 Columbia that I've had since new, owes me nothing and gives me no reason to replace it. But if it ever does......

I'm dreaming of a Rawhide with an M drive.

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Rawhides are nice trucks, the package is available in the Pinnacle and Granite series now and makes the interior awful nice and comfy. You get all the shiny stuff on the outside and leather seats and steering wheel and a brushed nickel dash inside with the Rawhide package. Talk to other with the M drive before you buy, there are some mixed emotions on it , they run and shift smooth and have lots of great features but apparently they are not repairable with any shaft end play you just have to swap it out.

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